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With over 25 years in the leisure marine market, our team will be able to provide you with the support for paint related sales / technical issues.

We have a network of established companies around South East Asia, including boatyards, stockists etc

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Propspeed coatings - applied in shipyards all over Singapore & the Malaysian peninsula. Propspeed silicone based antifouling has gained much popularity in this region in recent times due to superb performance as well as ease of application. Contact our team for sales & technical support. We are now establishing more dealers in Malaysia both in the north & south so that we got our customers covered


                                                                                                Propspeed Clear Coat

This caan be applied  as a coating for underwater lights. This is one of the fastest growing trends.

With minimal abrasion, the silicon clear coat will stick to glass, perspex, composites, other silicons, plastics and rubbers with the the need of the use of the Etch Primer

Photo taken at project site

Introducing high performance epoxy coatings for the various industries 

  • Boat Building structural & lamination processes
  • Surfboard super white & coloured coatings for foam core boards or timber
  • Advanced adhesives for industrial processes such as  structural bonding of metal parts, particularly in aluminium & steel where high peel strength is required
  • Art & Craft resin painting, flow coatings

Talk to our sales office for more detailed information and engineering specs


Cor Spec Primer 135

ALEXSEAL® Cor Spec Primer 135 is a chromate containing, two component epoxy primer for use on metal substrates. This product is highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Fairing Compound 202

ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 is a solvent-free, epoxy-based, light-weight filler, which provides the ideal product for yachts that require filling and fairing.

Finish Primer 442

ALEXSEAL® Finish Primer 442 is an epoxy-based finish primer offering advanced adhesion qualities over various substrates, exceptional sanding characteristics, and good film build.

Premium Wash Down

ALEXSEAL® Premium Wash Down Concentrate is a biodegradable washing detergent designed to clean ALEXSEAL® topcoats. It is neutral in PH; does not include abrasives and is free rinsing which decreases drying time.

Premium Polymer Sealer

ALEXSEAL® Premium Polymer Sealer is a non-abrasive synthetic sealer designed for cleaning and protecting surfaces painted with polyurethane. It is formulated with UV absorbers that will help protect the paint from exposure to the sun and improve the coatings’ life expectancy.

OceanMaster range of antifouling is suitable for a wide variety of usages, including high speed crafts to slower cruising yachts. Used for many boatyards across the region of South East Asia.

Constantly expanding our range to include the latest technology for the marine market.

OceanMaster Everglue Epoxy. Strong waterproofing epoxy glue system for wood & fibreglass repair, for both above & below waterline. This product is used widely in the boat building industry around the region

All in one epoxy repair kit for fibreglass dinghies. 

Comes with fibreglass biaxial cloth, microfibre cloth, 2 part epoxy solvents resin and an instructional manual.

Epifanes teak care products (waterbased)

  • Teak O Clean 

Cleans and restores original teak color.
Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright is a water-based cleaner and brightener for teak and other tropical woods. This cleaner is fast, easy to apply and restores weathered, grey teak to its original color. 

Container Size: 500 ml

  • Teak O Bello

Prevents renewed weathering.
Epifanes Teak-O-Bello is a water based coating for teak and other hardwoods. The unique, environmentally friendly formulation prevents the
wood from weathering for an extended period of time. Fast and easy to apply. Lasts longer than solvent-based teak oils and teak sealers and resists the formation of mold. It will not affect the caulking in teak decks.

Container Size: 500 ml

Shop for our items at Lazada SG & Carousell. Updated weekly, check out for the latest products and promotions. Free delivery islandwide & meet ups at your location on demand.

Lazada seller centre: OLPL

Carousell : olplsg


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.35.51 pm

OceanMaster is now in 8 different countries around the Asia. Exciting times ahead. Do contact our local distributors / dealers for products offered

By 3rd quarter of 2017, we would have 02 more dealers in West Malaysia. Stay tuned for more exciting news ahead


Ultra fine Lightweight Fairing Easy Mix Low Density

Cutting edge solvents epoxy system that has good vertical holdup. Useful for covering welding joints on steel/ aluminium vessels, prior to primer & topcoat


Contact us for more information



OceanMaster has the latest SPC & Hard Matrix range of antifouling catered to yachts, speedboats of various sizes. 

Our team of advisors will ensure that you get the best possible technical / sales support here in South Asia. We work along side with your applicators to ensure the correct micron thickness and surface preparation on your underwater hull for the longest possible service time


                                     PPG Ameron Coatings

Our team was involved in the repainting of the underwater hull of the super yacht M.Y Paraffin in MAY 2017.

Full Ameron system was used.

Last check after 04 months in the water, the hull was still spanking clean. Amazing results.

OceanMaster Training Seminar in Maldives. Working with paint applicators at the boatyards to train them, teaching them the right products & equipment to use. We launched the BINKS 2100 spray equipment alongside with the paints

Alexseal spray painting in Malaysia. Finish Primer 442, Alexseal topcoat Forest Green





Sunborn Project - more than 600 sets of of Alexseal fairing compound 202 was used to fill & fair this giant floating hotel. In houses more than 180 guests room and its now housed in Gilbratar, Spain. 





Latest range of lifeboats being sprayed with our International Orange topcoats. 

                           88M Superyacht ASEAN LADY

This huge yacht, once one the biggest yachts in the world, was repainted in 2016. Catamaran was painted with the International Marine Antifouling


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