Over the past 3 years, we have seen a hike on the total number of users of crystal clear resins for artwork, esp in the area of canvas painting, river tables, small casting jobs such as jewellery making.

As there are increasingly more brands swarming into the markets, we have found if necessary to educate artists on the usage of these resins. It is crucial to know that all epoxy resins come from the same base of chemicals- petrochemical bases and as such should always be treated as potentially harmful. To state otherwise is to give the customer a false sense of security that could lead to improper handling and processing, and subsequent injury and harm.

Deeming one’s brand as Non Toxic is purely misleading marketing material.  The very fact that gloves, safety goggles, respirators are still required would mean that precautionary measures are to be taken.

Since then we have decided to bring in the Australian made Technirez R1367 clear coating and it has been working wonders in the arts community and has become our top seller in the ecommerce platform, Lazada & Shopee.

The process of R&D , approval to finally manufacturing in Australia is a tedious one as it would take the product about a minimum 1-2 years before it can be stamped with an approval to be made and sold into the market.

We have fully trusted ATL composites for ensuring that the best customer service support is rendered to our company and also giving us a heads up for new technology such as the latest entry into the arts market, the MakeArt Resin.

This new MakeArt Resin formulation which promises to be even better than the more popular marketed brands. Some of the improved features include better air release, higher endurance against yellowing, much better flow and viscosity etc. We have air freighted some sets down for customers and are are now in the midst of arranging to launch this product in a bigger scale across all platforms come OCT 2019.

“As you can appreciate, there is a lot happening in the art market that is epoxy resin related. We have completed development of the River Table system, and we will be working with a local customer to build a table in order to generate some marketing material. We have also completed a Coating Resin, for coating paintings (printed or painted).  This is a pour on system, that leaves a very high gloss surface finish with impressive air release.  It is a different formulation to the R1800. ” , this is in the words of ATL’s Technical Spokesperson, Mr Anthony Basilone.

Deep Casting System – Coming Soon

We also have 2 deep casting systems.  These are for casting objects or making trophies etc. 1 is a ‘soft’ system used for casting flowers into glass vases (looks like water in the vase) The other is a ‘Hard’ system for casting trophies etc. Both are exceptionally clear and have excellent air release.

At this time we are still developing the marketing material for all of the above, however once complete we will be arranging for samples to be sent out for review.

River Table created by the Technirez R1367  ATL system 

MakeArt Art Resin works completed by Ms Raniya, Singapore

After this learning curve, we are proud to say that we have now found new retail partners to work with us on stocking the products and partnering with us on social media to ensure that our sales & marketing efforts are more visible.

Picture source: https://makeartresin.com

Contributed by Sales & Technical of the Oceanic Link’s team,

Ivan Yeo


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Contributed by Ivan Yeo
Ivan is the Managing Director of Oceanic Link Singapore