WEST SYSTEM 105 resin is a low viscosity, solvent free liquid marine epoxy resin.

Formulated for use with WEST SYSTEM hardeners, it can be cured in a wide temperature range to form a high-strength solid with excellent moisture resistance. 105 is designed specifically to wet-out and bond with timber, fibreglass, reinforcing fabrics and a variety of metals.

An excellent epoxy adhesive, 105 mixtures will bridge gaps and fill voids when modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers and can be sanded and shaped when cured. With roller applications, it has excellent thin-film characteristics to flow out and self-level.

  • 205 fast hardeners
  • 206 slow hardeners
  • 207 special coating hardeners
  • 209 extra slow hardeners
  • West System pump sets
  • West System 400 fillers
  • West System 500 additives
  • West System 600 speciality epoxies
  • West System 800 application tools
  • West System fibreglass tapes

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