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Propspeed Remains the Preferred Solution for Freedom Fast Cats

Propspeed Remains the Preferred Solution for Freedom Fast Cats

Based in Rosslyn Bay Harbour, Queensland, Freedom Fast Cats offer ferry transfers and a wide range of cruises to the Keppel Bay Islands and Great Barrier Reef. Proudly owned and operated by the Allen family, Freedom Fast Cats’ fleet currently consists of five ferries and two glass-bottom boats.

Freedom Fast Cats first discovered Propspeed in 2000 and began applying it every 12-16 months when the vessels are hauled at Murphy’s Shiplifts. Over the years, the Allen family has been closely involved in the builds of their vessels, and increased efficiencies from products such as Propspeed can be a factor when it comes to selecting engines.

These increased efficiencies became glaringly obvious after a Propspeed-coated propeller had to be replaced with a spare on one of the fleets’ vessels. Max Allen explains, “when we damaged a prop on one side of our boat, the nearest slip was 10 hours away in Hervey Bay, so the decision was made for divers to fit a spare which did not have Propspeed applied. Over 20 hours, there was a noticeable difference in the fuel burn between the two sides, with the port side burning an additional 200 litres of fuel and clocking up an extra two hours of run time compared to the propeller with Propspeed.”

Propspeed understands the importance of the commercial market and the savings that can be had through the use of our product line on commercial vessels. We have recently launched the Propspeed Commercial Kit, created specifically for the commercial marine trade professional. This kit includes everything need to coat a surface of 14.2m2 / 153ft2, ensuring your vessels operational readiness and sustained performance, while reducing maintenance and fuel cost.


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