ART RESIN Ink Sinker White AR003-01

$33.00 SGD

Want to know the secret to making "petri" art coasters? It's ArtResin's Alcohol Ink Sinker!

Simply squeeze ArtResin Alcohol Ink drops into mixed ArtResin Epoxy Resin and follow with Ink Sinker. Unlike most white alcohol inks on the market, Ink Sinker is uniquely formulated to push alcohol ink colors down through the resin, creating tendrils, squiggles and other cool effects! 

NOTE:  Ink Sinker is alcohol ink-based and therefore not compatible with ResinTint. 


ArtResin Alcohol Ink and Ink Sinker have other uses too...
Drop or brush it onto non-porous substrates such as YUPO, ceramic, glass or metal. It's water resistant when dry; revive by applying fresh ink or pure alcohol. 

Each bottle contains 4 fl oz / 118.29 ml.