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by Coosa


The Bluewater composite panels are made from high-density closed-cell polyurethane foam reinforced with continuous strand fiberglass and woven roving. They’re quickly becoming an industry standard for lightweight building applications that previously called for the use of plywood.

The Bluewater series is ideal for projects in marine or high-humidity settings. While the Bluewater series is fantastic in aquatic environments, it’s also just as suitable for applications that require a high strength per cubic foot ratio with the added benefit of being lighter than plywood.



Coosa Composites is well known within the industry for several reasons; these strong panels feature several different benefits:

Lightweight & Strong

The Coosa Bluewater series is the most robust range currently available. Our fiberglass panels are up to 40% lighter than plywood. The high strength-to-weight ratio makes the panels ideal for structural use.

Low Maintenance

There is very little aftercare and maintenance needed for Coosa composites. No unique treatments or additional maintenance and care is typically required.

Mildew Resistant

The composite fiberglass panels are not only more insect-resistant but mildew-resistant as well compared to typically untreated plywood alternatives.


Insect infestations are a problem in most projects where timber is used. As the Coosa Bluewater Panel is closed-cell, they are not susceptible to infestations or mold and fungus growth.


The fiberglass panels have a low water absorption and will not become weighed down nor waterlogged. No special treatment is needed for the panels, and they are sufficient in marine applications or in areas where there’s a lot of water. Due to the moisture-repellant nature of these boards, mold cannot grow on our panels.

Structurally Sound

The woven-roving and continuous-strand fiberglass make the panels an excellent fit for structural applications. They can replace heavier materials used as structural supports such as wood, plywood, and other core materials. The fiberglass offers strength and structure to the panels.

Multiple Applications

Coosa composites can be used in most applications that   historically used wood or other traditional core materials. From Transportation settings to transoms, Bluewater panels have become a preferred solution.


Coosa Boards are essentially ready-to-use options that do not require additional treatments and costly maintenance plans making these panels cost-effective in the long run. You can also use the same tools you would use when working with wood products. Coosa Boards do not require any additional treatment for insect infestations or mold and waterproofing.



Bluewater composite panels come in three different densities – 32, 26, and 20 pounds per cubic foot, all of which have their benefits and uses. Whether you shop around for an economical alternative to plywood or a more robust selection that will stand the test of time, there’s a Coosa Bluewater composite panel for you.

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Bluewater 26

Boasting an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, the Bluewater 26 stands out as one of Coosa's most durable panels. The combination of woven roving and continuous fiberglass strands ensures remarkable stiffness.

Notably, the Bluewater 26 is not only strong but also impressively lightweight, weighing over 30% less than plywood alternatives. Their minimal water absorption makes them an ideal choice for applications requiring a product that is rot-resistant, lightweight, and exceptionally durable.

Bluewater 20

The lightest of the three Bluewater options, the Bluewater 20 boasts a density of 20 pounds per cubic foot and is over 45% lighter than plywood.

The Bluewater 20 is often used as a semi-structural component and in other non-structural applications. The benefit of the Bluewater 20 is that it is one of the most economical options without compromising on quality and strength.