$2,730.00 SGD
Propspeed is a two-part coating system that features an exceptionally strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, the Etching Primer, and the Clear Coat.
The Propspeed Etching Primer is known for its iconic gold colour, tenacious adhesion to metal substrates, and superior corrosion resistance. The Propspeed Clear Coat provides a super slick surface that marine growth cannot adhere to. Combined, they form a coating that is unrivalled in performance, supporting vessel readiness and ensuring that your vessel can run at its peak throughout the entire season.
Propspeed also reduces the risk of corrosion by electrically isolating the metal, as well as limiting the exchanges between the ions and the gases contained in the water and the metal. In short, if a reaction can’t occur, there will be no corrosion!
The Propspeed system is suitable for use on propellers, shafts, rudders, struts, keel coolers, pod drives, thrusters, fire suppression pumps, and any other underwater metal surface.
This kit contains 500ml of Propprep. Propprep is critical in the chemical preparation of the metal surface to be coated.
This kit contains 2x 960ml Etching Primer Base and 2x 240ml Etching Primer Hardener. The Etching Primer is the origin of the radiant gold colour. Combined they are one of the best underwater Etching Primers on the market. Known best for its tenacious adhesion and corrosion resistance.
This kit contains 1280ml Clear Coat, a non-toxic, a silicone topcoat which forms a super slick outer layer that marine growth cannot adhere to, improving speed and reducing fuel costs.