The Absorber Boat Chamois Towel

$32.50 SGD
Color - RED

The Absorber ® Boat Towel Makes the Perfect First Mate

Super Absorbent: 
– Cover more surface area faster
Soft and Scratch-free: 
– Protect your investment
Resistant to most chemicals: 
– Use with confidence
Machine Washable: 
– Reusing your towel is great for the environment
Handy tube for protection: 
– Be ready to dry at home or on the move

Size and Colors

  • Approximate Towel Size: 27 in. x 17 in.
  • Available in tan, blue, aqua, purple, neon yellow and red


  • With proper care, The Absorber® lasts for years.
  • We recommend that you wash the absorber towels regularly. If you don’t, the soiled Absorber may acquire an odor or grow mildew inside the storage tube.
  • When using a washing machine, wash or rinse The Absorber® with other towels of the same or similar colors.
  • Do not use with fabric softener or bleach.
  • Do not dry in the dryer.